Breville coffee maker with grinder problems

Like many other small appliances, a Breville coffee maker can be fixed if you know what to do. The first step is to identify the symptom as accurately as possible and find it in the tables below. Different models of coffee makers may vary regarding repair and troubleshooting techniques, so make sure you found the table that suits your model.

We included not only the most popular ones like Cafe Roma, Nespresso, Prodigio, Inissia, and the Barista Express but also less known models.

Press the Program button and hold it until the machine has made three beeps. Let go of the button. The coffee makew will get back to its original default mode. As the user said, his wife was trying to make coffee and decided to manually mix coffee beans in the machine.

breville coffee maker with grinder problems

The grinder stopped, and there were filter size lights flashing sporadically. The user had to take the entire unit apart and finally realized that the hopper had become unlocked. All he needed to do was lock the hopper. Problem Cause Solution Pairing has not been successful. If you want to unpair your machine, via the machine: - Press simultaneously Ristretto and Espresso buttons and remove the plug from the mains.

No light on the coffee buttons. No coffee, no water, unusual coffee flow. Coffee is not hot enough. The slider does not close completely or the machine doesn't start brewing. Leakage water under the machine. Maintenance light is ON. If empty, fill with potable water and brew a coffee. Nespresso light is ON. You can order capsules via the App or Nespresso website.

Water or coffee flow does not stop even when pushing a coffee button. No coffee flow, water goes directly into the drip tray despite inserted capsule. Machine turns to OFF mode. Check the mains, plug, voltage, and fuse.So what are some of Breville barista express grinder problems?

breville coffee maker with grinder problems

Many users experienced jamming or clogging and a very horrible gear-stripping, and a smacking sound while in the middle of usage. Barista express is compact and decently looks good. It has an industrial design feature, a mess-free dosed grinder set-up, has a magnetic tamper attachment, and an under machine storage drawer. There is also a stainless steel-lined one-piece aluminum thermo-block and a PID controller. If your grinder is not working you have to make it sure that it is completely seated and fully locked in place.

Make sure that its parts of the grinder are in place, with its arrows line up and when you turned the nob it clicks into place. When the motor of your grinder is running and you can hear the beans being ground, you may remove the inner Bur and look for compacted ground coffee as blockage. It will bog down even at a coarse grind settings after too much coffee gets compacted beneath the burrs.

It will start normal up until the clacking sound. The damaged gear teeth will make a bad sound and if it is really wrecked, it sometimes even get rotation and you will hear the motor spin up like a jet engine. And a good impeller should not be removable and its blade should not be visible. If it can be removed just by taking out the lower burr it basically needs replacement. If it is made of stainless steel instead of plastic you can likely have a newer model with significant design changes.

This kind of machine has steel burrs underneath which receives the ground coffee. It is mainly designed there to push those grounds out the chute leading to the basket. If its plastic blade fins wear out, the grinder begins to clog up due to improper expulsion of the grounds. This sometimes seen as the cause of problem in the main drive gear when a stripping sound comes from a torque limiter mechanism.

With this, you can simply remove the burrs and check at the gap between the cylinder wall and the impeller blade. If its gap is more than 1 mm, then it would be the time for you to replace it and take out the impeller.

When it comes to cleaning your grinder, you can use the brush to keep its dispenser clear. Make sure to that its parts are in place, that its arrows are lined up and that when you turn the nob it clicks into place. You can also descaled your machine at home, where you can easily follow the instructions included in the manual where they highly recommend vinegar diluted with water. In the manual, you can find the instructions and advices as on how regularly it should be used.

You can search for an improved impeller design. So these are some of the reminders to be noted when your Breville barista express grinder problems. Your email address will not be published. Espresso Expert Member since November 3, This is usually due to either a worn out impeller or stripped drive gear.

Breville BCG800XL Smart Grinder Troubleshooting

When the hopper is empty and no beans are in the burrs, it all sounds great. You can even hear in the video above: The unit starts out sounding normal, but under load, up until the clacking sound. Often, incorrectly, the coffee beans get the blame.

Each revolution of the damaged gear teeth will make a bad sound. If the teeth are really wrecked, you sometimes won't even get rotation anymore and you'll just hear the motor spin up like a jet engine. Thankfully this failure mode is much less common; typically occurring if you got a rock or pebble jammed in the burrs during grinding.

A good impeller should not be removable without dis-assembly and the tips of the impeller blades should not be visible. If the impeller can be removed just by taking out the lower burr then it definitely needs replacement.

If your impeller is made of stainless steel rather than plastic you likely have a newer model with significant design changes eg: BCG Stainless steel should not wear out and so your problem is elsewhere. It sits underneath the steel burrs and receives the ground coffee. Its purpose is to push those grounds out the chute that leads to the basket or espresso portafilter. When the plastic blade fins wear down over time, the grinder begins to clog up because it can't properly expel the grounds anymore.

This often gets mistaken for a problem with the main drive gear when a stripping sound comes from a torque limiter mechanism. You can examine your impeller if you simply remove the burrs, and look at the gap between the cylinder wall and the impeller blade tips See Step 1.

How to adjust the grinder burrs to dial in your espresso: Barista Express Espresso machine

If that gap is more than 1 mm, then it's probably worth replacing. If you can take the impeller out without dis-assembly, then it's definitely worth replacing A good impeller is wider than the hole and can't just come out. Breville unfortunately doesn't sell parts, so this tutorial has been made possible only recently by 3D printer technology.

Here's a quick two minute overview of this replacement part. See this guide step. What is the problem? It would be better to know it before I decide to disassemble the grinder completely.

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breville coffee maker with grinder problems

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Breville Barista Express Grinder Problems

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breville coffee maker with grinder problems

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