Fgehf phase 1

Written on January 27, The new scheme is expected to be launched under a public-private partnership which would see a private firm provide a plot measuring one kanal to government employees at a rate of Rs3. He said that the foundation had tried to complete a survey of built-up property BUP in a sub-sector of Sector G with help from the Punjab Urban Unit and the matter has now been forwarded to the Land Award Collector.

Warning detractors, Mehmood said that attempts were being made to create a wrong impression about schemes of the FGEHF even though the foundation had worked hard to provide low-cost housing to government employees and launched several schemes over the past four years. Talking about the land acquisition process, he said that it was a difficult process but the foundation was working on it and that 18, members of the body had expressed their interest in the Bhara Kahu Housing Scheme.

In this regards, he said that the foundation had finalised agreements for acquiring land for the project through public-private sector partnership — expected to be implemented over the next few months. He said that in phase-II of the project, a one kanal fully developed plot would be available for government employees to purchase at a rate of Rs3.

Plot For Sale In Green Enclave - 1

While replying to a question, he said it had been decided that FGEHF would buy land for the proposed extension of the Bhara Kahu project. However, due to the high cost of developing the land, the land would be available at the set rates.

fgehf phase 1

He added that owing to objections from the Capital Development Authority CDA and the lawyers fraternity, they had stopped the sale of small plots for lower-income employees in the Park Road Scheme and Sector F We appreciate and always remember this fact.

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For your Real Estate Branding, we develop a customized marketing system by creating and implementing a unique marketing strategy.Federal Government Employees in service or retired, widows whose husbands died during service can apply.

fgehf phase 1

The M. Sir, With reference to your letter bearing No. I am astonished to see that in the list showing payment of 2nd installment, my name is missing. I am worried about this and request to please include my name in the list by updating it. I anxiously waiting your kind reply. It may also be ensured that my name will be included in the balloting please. Mumtaz Ahmad House No. Yours sincerely Mumtaz Ahmad House No. Nasir — w.

Please use Computer Generated No with your email as a reference. I deposited Rs. Please inform me the latest position of my seniority.

Ccnic no Dob I have deposited an amount of Rs. Please tell me the latest position of main. I submit an application about change of my date of birth I submit application about change of quota FG serving to Autonomous serving.

Federal government employers foundation has decided unfairly by making old retired and new retired quota. At the time of application there was no such proposal. Why they have deprived the retired officers who have been deprived before by making criterion first come first bases just to oblige there fellow mates now they created old and new retired quota. Kindly sir please chack my name tariq hussain. I retired in Dear sir, Would you please let me know when seniority is announced for category 4.

We have also heard that consent letters have also been issued to some employees,we are unable to get proper and actual position. Employees House Scheme. Sir, I have deposited Rs. I am going to retire from service in November this year. My date of birth is I retired on My date of birth is and retirement date is IS When my name will be loaded on your website for my information.

I have deposited Rs. Sir I have deposited Rs. Ijaz Ali Khan Bannu. I have deposited RS. But still my name is not shown in list how I can checl my member ship number my cinc no I deposit Rs. Name Shahjehan NIC no All the Federal Govt employees can register themselves in this scheme.

The process of the registration is effective with effect from to one year. Seniority of the Phase-II members will be determined on the basis of age. However, the seniority of the persons who register in Phase-II will be considered a new group on the basis of already created group annually. Standard of the eligibility of the member will be implemented with effect from the date of membership according to the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation Quota Policy.

You can download the details of the policy, membership form from the site of Federal Govt Employees Housing Foundation.

The employees, who have already got plot from government department, are not eligible for this scheme. For the facilitation of the employees, online form is available on the website of the Bank of Punjab. The employees can fill the form and can deposit the form along with membership fees in any branch of the Bank of Punjab. There are five categories of the employees according to their basic pay scales. The detail of Membership Fee according to Category is as under:. You may also like: Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

In old case which was given a plot to the widow.

Latest Updates on Green Enclave FGEHF Bhara Kahu Housing Scheme

The widow pay plot price or just pay membership fee? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. How to check seniority? They mostly update the seniority at their site.

fgehf phase 1

Employee who die in service. If any employee died during service, his family is made payment of the plot.The last date to apply for membership is July 7,so if you are a federal government employee and intend to apply for membership in the society, you need to make a move before the stated date. There is a specific quota for registration, so membership will be offered on first-come-first-serve basis.

All federal government employees who were in service on July 1, are eligible to apply. According to FGEHF, apart from the federal government employees of constitutional and professional organisations, the following people may apply for booking:. If you find anything confusing in the article, please feel free to have a chat with me in the comments section below. Can you please tell me the difference between FGEHF membership drive phase-ii which was announced couple of months ago based on age wise seniority and this membership drive specifically for Phase I Green Enclave based on first come first serve basis.

I need to know if an employee can submit the form for both offerings and where will the foundation allot plots for membership drive phase-ii. Your question is quite valid. I shall try to figure it out as soon as possible. Sorry for late response. I was out of city. Please give me some time to find answer to your query.

I cant understand ur answer…. Zain bhai, kindly update us as question raised by Rizwan is very important. AOA,Zain Bhai kindly update regarding deference between phase 1 and 2 drive, i have submitted both what to do next? I have stated list of the employees of constitutional and professional organisations in the blog post. Please go through the lists.

Should you have further confusion, I am here to chat with you. Dear Zain Thanks a lot for sharing the info and answering queries. I did not find Armed Forces in your list that is why I asked. Can Employees of Fed. Please advise Regards. Moreover i have already submitted rs. So doi need to apply again for the green scheme of fgehf? I think that there is no need to apply again.

Membership drivet II applicants are eligible for green enclave also. Plz correct if I am wrong. As per my information is concerned, federal employees of different organisations were catered to in both the drives.

Is deceased employee of Federal Govt who died in In bara kahu green valley Islamabad. Can PTCL retired employees also apply for its membership.This project will be implemented with the joint venture of private partner. While NOC has been issued from different Govt. Down payment rate are as follow Many of my fellows have received confirmation latter and I am still awaiting. Can someone help me out with more detail.

My generator no is Phone no: I am sanaullah having cnic no. No information pl. My mobile number is Any one available in the country who nip the land Mafya in Pakistan and protect the inocent govt employees from fraud. An early action is requested, please. If you invest in F Government Employees Housing Foundation, this invest will benefit your 3rd generation.

Sir, the schemes of Housing Foundation taking much time and period. The people who invested the amount are trying to withdraw the. Iam Tariq Mahmood. Sir, Housing Foundation schemes taking much time which bother the persons who invested the amount. Now the a lot number of members want to withdraw the amount.

I requested through your advertizement that public private partnership should not be prolonged. Kamrankrachi. First come First serve Respect sir you have advvertised that plot will be alloted on First come firt serve policy,but later on you have change your statemenet that agewise allotment will be give given to the old federal govt: employees.

Please explain why this happend.City Islamabad. Price PKR 0 to Any. More Options 0 Selected. PKR 60 Lakh. Added: 2 months ago. PKR Added: 6 months ago Updated: 1 month ago.

PKR 27 Lakh. Added: 5 months ago. Added: 21 months ago Updated: 21 months ago. Punjab government servant housing foundation adyala road 50x90 plot for sale Block-A plot.

Added: 3 months ago. PKR 20 Lakh. Added: 5 months ago Updated: 5 months ago. PKR 8 Lakh.


Here is a list of Sq. And along with its reasonableRs PKR 36 Lakh. PKR 72 Lakh. Added: 7 months ago. PKR 73 Lakh. If you are looking for a centrally located Residential Plot for sale, consider your search over!

PKR 51 Lakh. Here is an opportunity to get your hands on a Plot File spread over Sq. PKR 48 Lakh. An ideally located Sq. It has an easily accessible address in PKR 33 Lakh.

PKR 28 Lakh.

Ongoing Projects

PKR 26 Lakh. PKR 2. Added: 10 months ago Updated: 10 months ago. PKR 1. Added: 11 months ago.Total plots as per the previous layout plan of the housing scheme werebut after a survey conducted by the foundation, plots were found to be located on deep ravines where it is impossible to develop anything.

After the cancellation of deep plots from the layout plan, there are total plots which will be allotted to members. This housing scheme has been officially named as Green Enclave.

Federal employees who have retired before will be considered old retired employees, while those retired after will be considered newly retired employees. The amount will be paid through 12 quarterly installments, which means plots are available at 3 year installment plan.

The developer warns the allottees that this issue is pending in the civil court and they will be embroiled in further litigation if they accept these allotment letters. According to the latest price list, price of category 1 plots sq. Down payment of category 1 plots is set at 3. The said schemes for the housing for the shelter less are almost based on the minting and totally exploiting the poor in the country for which the Prime Minister should take notice as to confirm his say for the people who have selected him to take care of them.

It is just looting the poor in the name of shelter to the shelter less for which the government should talk. Thank you manahil estate team for updating about Fgehf Green Enclave. Its been quite some time that any new updare is uploaded from your team please update about current ground realities, is development underway at green enclave site?

Plz tell whether the time has increased for down payment, when they will allot plots and also ground realities for posession of this scheme?? I wanna buy a plot in Green Enclave. As the housing scheme was launched way back in under the directives of the Prime Minister with its salient features being that of sheltering the poor segments of the federal government employees both serving and retired.

One wonders why there persists a lull in the course of the discussions on this Site while it otherwise, must meaningfully evoke a debate aimed at removing any flaws associated with the scheme and making significant improvement it may direly require.

It seems that the concerned authorities do not ever bother to cast glance over what is brewing. Hopefully this Site does not become an exercise in futility any longer and the issues emerging during the course of the discussion do not go unattended.

The date for depositing the amounts of down-payment was reportedly extended upto 31st July by FGEHF which obviously has elapsed today.

Hopefully, will be started forthwith to address this issue. I am confused if the six lac that I deposited were the down payment or I would have to submit downpayment in addition to that? Facebook Twitter Linkedin pinterest.

fgehf phase 1

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