On the CPU I have a class that handles the material properties for a model. To send them to the GPU, I have some methods in my Program class a class for adding shaders, vertex attributes, uniforms etc :. So first in this function it looks if it is in the list, if not it adds it.

Then it uploads the value to the GPU, by looking in the. Which seems correct to me, because none of the indices are Also, if I just use. Also, I tried some other combinations with the uniforms, some of them works.

Look at the comments in the code block below. I hope someone has time to look through this, thanks in advance! Although it works, I cannot really see why some uniform combination worked before and some not. Problem with uniforms OpenGL. OpenGL: Advanced Coding. Then it uploads the value to the GPU, by looking in the uniformList for this name, and if found it retuns the location for the uniform. This is how the uniformList looks when everything for this program has been uploaded.

Also, if I just use vec4 emissive, uniAlpha it also renders the model, and with a very dark red color, which is correct.

Hello Best regards, Qnoper. Hi Qnoper! That did it, thank you!! GClements March 17,pm 5.In order to create a complete shader program, there must be a way to specify the list of things that will be linked together. Program objects provide this mechanism. Shaders that are to be linked together in a program object must first be attached to that program object. This indicates that shader will be included in link operations that will be performed on program.

All operations that can be performed on a shader object are valid whether or not the shader object is attached to a program object.

Shader effect

It is permissible to attach a shader object to a program object before source code has been loaded into the shader object or before the shader object has been compiled.

It is permissible to attach multiple shader objects of the same type because each may contain a portion of the complete shader. It is also permissible to attach a shader object to more than one program object. If a shader object is deleted while it is attached to a program object, it will be flagged for deletion, and deletion will not occur until glDetachShader is called to detach it from all program objects to which it is attached.

Object org. GL11 org. GL12 org. GL13 org. GL14 org. GL15 org. Includes the deprecated symbols of the Compatibility Profile. Accepted by the type argument of CreateShader and returned by the params parameter of GetShaderiv. Array version of: DrawBuffers. Array version of: GetActiveAttrib. Returns information about an active attribute variable for the specified program object. Array version of: GetActiveUniform. Returns information about an active uniform variable for the specified program object.

Array version of: GetAttachedShaders. Array version of: GetProgramInfoLog. Array version of: GetProgramiv. Array version of: GetShaderInfoLog. Array version of: GetShaderiv. Array version of: GetShaderSource.


Array version of: GetUniformfv.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub?


Sign in to your account. Unfortunately, if there are several uniforms for a given material that need dynamic updates, this means multiple callback executions per render call.

Based on Chrome's profiler, I'm a little concerned about how much time is spent in evalDynamic in my app. Would it be acceptable to rework the renderer's handling of render list items a bit, and instead allow an object to define a single callback to update multiple material uniforms? I'm not sure if the overhead of checking for the presence of an onRender callback for each object in the scene graph would be more taxing than the cost of calling multiple callbacks per material with dynamic uniforms.

I'm happy to do the work on this, but I'd like a bit of input on whether I'm barking up the wrong tree, or there are other plans to improve uniform handling. I feel that I proposed exactly this in the past also. I would vote for placing it on the Mesh Object3D. I can take a look at this later this week. I realize this might break arose 's code again a la the recent update to include material in the callback paramsso apologies about that. I found where it was previously suggested: comment.

I realize this might break arose 's code again a la the recent update to include material in the callback params. Hmm, true. I was thinking this would supersede dynamic uniforms, but it certainly doesn't have to. I've added a onBeforeRender callback to start. WebGLUniforms need some refactoring but this works:. Just to confirm, in the above example, if I'm using MultiMaterialI'll need to iterate over every element in this.The bindings follow the OpenGL specification closely, with some adjustments to make it easier to use with Go's type system and capabilites.

Only modern OpenGL functions that use the programmable rendering pipeline are provided. Additional changes are added for safety and convenience. OpenGL enumerations are classified into types based on their usage, so using a value where it should not be, such as. Initialization functions that are not often in performance-critical code paths perform error checking.

The shader compilation routine will fetch the shader information log for you if an error occurs. There are few, but some, deviations from the OpenGL naming schemes. Functions such as Uniform1f, Uniform2f, etc are collapsed into a single function of multiple arguments. Type enumerations follow after those of the reflect. Kind rather than the OpenGL identifiers. Functions that upload data, such as BufferData, take fewer arguments and use reflection to discover the type and size of the data.

AttachShader binds a shader to a program. The shader should be initialized with ShaderSource or ShaderBinary before attaching. Bind makes a Buffer the current active Buffer. BufferData uploads vertex data from the system into server memory. The argument data must be a slice or array of numeric values. Passing a nil or forbidden type will result in a run-time panic. BufferSubData replaces a portion of existing data in a buffer with new data from client memory.

The target buffer must have already been initialized with BufferData, and the data to upload must be an array or slice of numeric values. Clear clears buffers to preset values. CompileShader compiles a shader program to a binary format. If the shader source is invalid, the content of the shader's information log is returned as an error.

CullFace specifies whether front- or back-facing facets are culled. DepthMask enables or disables writing to the depth buffer. DetachShader detaches a shader from a Program; once a Program has been linked with LinkProgram, it is independent of its Shader objects and will continue to function if a shader is detached.

FrontFace specifies the winding order when using facet culling. GetString can be used to retrieve information about the loaded OpenGL implementation, such as the supported shader version. Init loads the OpenGL functions using system-specific library loaders.

The string hint is currently unused but reserved for future use. LinkProgram creates an executable to be run on the vertex processor. The Program must have compiled shader objects attached to it. Programs must be linked before calling UseProgram and any subsequent drawing calls. It does not attempt to check the source for errors. UseProgram installs the Program as part of the current rendering state.Copy Summary. Closed Bug Opened 7 years ago Closed 7 years ago. Windows 8.

Not set. Mark as Assigned. Project Flags:. Tracking Flags:. Reset Assignee to default. QA Contact:. Reset QA Contact to default. Triage Owner:. Depends on:. Regressed by:. See Also:. QA Whiteboard:. Has Regression Range:. Has STR:. Bug Flags:. This bug is publicly visible. Jukka's fix remove a faulty if block inside getUniform that was special-casing the first entry in uniform arrays. Benoit Jacob [:bjacob] mostly away. Summary: webgl getUniformLocation for a nonzero array index fails.

Vladimir Vukicevic [:vlad] [:vladv] needinfo me, slow to respond. Attached patch Jukka's fix remove a faulty if block inside getUniform that was special-casing the first entry in uniform arrays obsolete — Details — Splinter Review. Attached patch Jukka's fix remove a faulty if block inside getUniform that was special-casing the first entry in uniform arrays — Details — Splinter Review.

Attachment - Attachment is obsolete: true. Wes Kocher :KWierso Not reading bugmail; email directly if needed. Closed: 7 years ago. Marco Mucci [:MarcoM]. Blocks: gecko-games. You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. Jukka's fix remove a faulty if block inside getUniform that was special-casing the first entry in uniform arrays 7 years ago Benoit Jacob [:bjacob] mostly away 1.

Details Diff Splinter Review Jukka's fix remove a faulty if block inside getUniform that was special-casing the first entry in uniform arrays 7 years ago Benoit Jacob [:bjacob] mostly away 1.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here.

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I learn WebGL step by step via this book. I try to draw three points through using of the buffer gl. You have to use the correct type to set a uniform. If your uniform is vec4 then you have to use either gl. In this example using Uniform1iv would generate an error. No type conversions are done. To load a 3x3 matrix, UniformMatrix3fv must be used. Learn more. Why I can't use uniform1f instead of uniform4f for setting a vec4 uniform?

Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 1 month ago. Active 5 years, 1 month ago. Viewed 4k times. I expected this is the same. But this case I get the error in the console:. Andrey Bushman Andrey Bushman 8, 6 6 gold badges 49 49 silver badges bronze badges. One quick note, not related to your question.


It's not nice to go into other peoples questions and "promoting" your question there, especially not the way you did it, and risk confusing someone who is just as new to all this as you, just so your problem gets attention. Please never do this again ever. I apologize. His question seemed to me something similar to mine and I assumed that perhaps it will be helped to him by that decision which I used i.

Active Oldest Votes. But author of the book writes what if to use the uniform1f instead of the uniform4f then its second and third parameters will be initialized as 0.

Am I not right? I see you added the table into your answer. Thank you. Where from this table?We had to drive a little further, but it was well worth it. The last night was right on the busiest street in Reykjavic. Very noisy with everyone on the street, but my 22 yo daughter was out there, too, so we could not complain.

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Re: [Public WebGL] Re: WebGL IDL for uniform1fv is not valid WebIDL

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